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    Presence server disconnect after calling


    I am using the presence service on my 6820, using 'always on' GPRS (using the Yamigo public presence server).

    I noticed that sometimes my phone is disconnected from the presence server, while my settings are auto-login and GPRS always on...
    The reason might be that there is no GPRS connection while calling (I see the GPRS icon with a strikethrough).

    Can someone explain me if this all is correct? And if so, why is the phone not re-loggin on to the presence server after a (long?) call?

    I think it is a (major) flaw of the presence service of the phone....


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    I have no information about the re-logon functionality of the presens client in that phone, but the behaviour is correct what comes to the GPRS connection.

    Nokia 6820 does not yet support the multiple PDP context, in practise this means that you can't have active call and GPRS connection same time.

    Future S40 devices will support multiple PDP's so you can use separate access point for browser, MMS presens, and so on simultaneously.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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