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    how can I use N30 to receive data call??

    I try to use N30 as a data modem. It works fine when I use it to dialup to another modem, it works perfectly. However, when I use it to receive data call,it response with auto answer and treat the call as voice. How can I configue the N30 to receive data call? Does it have anything to do with my SIM card or I can use n30 configurator to do the job?

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    RE: how can I use N30 to receive data call??


    There is a parameter in the Nokia 30 which is called as
    "Use auto answer". You can activate or deactivate it
    with Nokia 30 configurator sw. This parameter can be found:
    "GSM settings/advanced/Call settings"

    This setting should not affect to use of the Nokia 30
    as a GSM modem to receive data calls. If you make a data call to the terminal, the terminal should answer automatically to the data call
    if the parameter "use auto answer" is activated and create a connection.

    The reason for your problem might be in your SIM card:
    Does you SIM card supporting receive data calls?
    You should ask this from your service provider how the receive data
    call is activated to your SIM card.


    M2M developer team

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