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    PushRegistry: need to registry another port to determine for different cases ?


    I'm using SMS to develop one game. The SMS content are 2 kinds of category: A "Request a game from other player" and B "Process anything the game needs". The game can be unload and wait for incomming SMS (using PushRegistry) to activate and continue the incompleted game.

    User can ignore all SMS B if he/she stops the game now, and only wait for SMS A. The problem is, if I only use one port for the SMS. Not matter what kind of the SMS (A or B) is incomming, the MIDlet will be activated.

    I've thought of 2 ways for it.

    (I) Define 2 ports for SMS A and B, so that, MIDlet won't be activated if the user stops the current game and the SMS is belonging to kind B.

    (II) Add checking code in startApp() to determine if the MIDlet needs to be activated ?

    I'm thinking if PushRegistry allows us to set the certain conditions to activate the MIDlet ?

    Please advice me.



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    Hi akokchai,

    Have you tried Push Registry? Is it necessary for the midlet to be signed by code signing cert (from verisign or thawte) in order for it to be waken up by SMS?

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