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    Series 60 System wide help

    Can anyone tell me which devices (or platforms) the S60 system wide help works on. - i.e. calling

    I know it fails on 7650 emul + device + works on 6600 emul + device...
    Fails on the SX1 emulator...

    Is this only supported on S60 v2.0 and above (example only part of the v2 sdk) or do devices based on S60 v1.x - e..g. 3560, Ngage, SX1, X support the above.

    If its a S60 v2.0 only feature how can I tell at run time that I am on a S60 v20 platform.. presumably its a HAL::Get() request - but what param + what is the expected results.


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    This "system wide help" is supported even on S60 v1.0, the problem is that not at all devices the "help" application can be found. For example it works on N3650, but not on N7650... in you code you should check if the help application is present...

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