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    MMS open as multimedia presentation

    hi all

    I have a Nokia 6600 on contract to Orange. When I am sent a
    photo-message the 6600 always interprets the message as "multimedia presentation". In order to view the photo I have to go to Options,Objects and then select the .jpg image file before it will display.

    To be clear: I am only being sent a picture and the only Object is the..jpg image. Despite this, the 6600 always treats it as a presentation
    The problem does not lie with the sender as I have had photo-messages sent to me from a variety of phones. I have searched the menus, spoken to Orange [who were great as always but were unable to solve it] and re-read the entire 6600 manuals [both the Orange one and the Nokia one].
    Could any one please help..

    thanx Gavin

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    Can only suggest getting your firmware upgraded. Haven't heard of this problem before. If your buddy receives the same picture on his own 6600, and it look different, check your firmware versions with *#0000#. I'll bet they're different.

    -paul / ForumNokia

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