I've just run our test app on a new (3.15) 6230 and was shocked, like others to see the MMAPI issues... but there are other inconsistencies against the 6230 official spec.

I want to know... what is true and what isn't from this list reported by my midlet on the real 6230 using MIDP system properties and methods to get the info:

Free memory: 1MB (spec says 500KB)
Colours: 4096 (spec says 65536)
supports.mixing: false
supports.audio.capture: false
supports.video.capture: false
supports.recording: false

All audio, video and snapshot encodings: blank

It looks from this that the MMAPI implementation is the MIDP 2.0 MMAPI subset as defined in the MMAPI/MIDP2 spec.

...but what about the Colours? It -is- a 65k colour screen right?

...and will Nokia be issuing a firmware upgrade to support audio and video capture?