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    Does the function KeyReleased() supported in all MIDP 1.0 phones ?

    We're working on an arcade game and we're trying to have a special move executed when 2 keys are pressed at the same time.
    Is that possible using KeyReleased or do we need to write our own system to track the sequence of the keys?

    We are woried that some phones might not work with 2-3 keys pressed at the same time.


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    keyReleased() is supported on all phones. The trouble is that simultaneous key presses aren't necesarilly supported. If this is the case you won't have much to do about it because the keyPressed()/keyReleased() methods won't be called for the second key. There will be no workaround as often it is something that the hardware doesn't even support.
    If you want to support as many phones as possible your game should not depend on multiple keypresses. You could add an option like the "auto-fire" option on many shooters, or the "auto-accelerate" option in some driving games (ie, MotoGP) to try and get around this issue.


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