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    sending SMS from stored loc using AT commands


    I am currently doing a project which would interface an FPGA to a nokia 7110. I was wondering how to send an sms from a stored location. From the AT command set


    this command would always return an error.
    I am using hyper terminal. When I use the at+cmgs command, it works fine.

    I hope someone could help me with my problem.


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    You are sending message from memory, but do you know wich memory is in use SM or ME? In case there is no message with index 1 at selected memory, you will receive error message.

    You need to select prefered memory using CPMS and list messages out from that location in order to determin the index numbers.

    Using CMGS command, you enter the message to command intercepter directly and no memory locations are involved.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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