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    MMAPI Video Playback Problems


    When I try to play back video files of around 500 to 600k, I get an Out of Memory error if I have the file locally on the memory card. If I read in the file from an internet location using a URL, it plays back fine. If I use the Video Player, it plays back fine.

    What can I do to play back the file correctly?

    Also, the Java MIDlet seems to be restricted to using whatever is in the JAR file with it - very in-efficient when trying to find and load videos from anywhere on the phone. How do I add the capability for my Java MIDlet to be able to access the rest of the drive space?

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    yes when u do it from the network then also if u try and use something beyond 1mb there might be an issue..with the Jar the size is limited so it wont let u store too big a video in it..as it will make the application heavy..
    the outofmemory exception is being thrown coz there is a size limit to how much data u can pass on to the createplayer and it can store it on the buffer for playbacks

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