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    M3G (JSR 184) Detail about External Reference in m3g file

    Hi there,

    Could u pls let me know how can I know that any m3g file is having XREFs (External References) & how to deal with it.

    Also let me know some document from where I can get the m3g XREFs details & m3g file with XREFs.

    As I'm having the Descreet's 3ds max & want to see the Tree View of m3g file. pls let me know how can I see it...


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    how to use Loader.load("http://localhost/jsr184.m3g"); ?

    That is some interessing feature ... I also feel the need.

    Also I am having trouble to open online files with the Loader.load() method using nokia6630

    ... but it works on files (inside the .jar) ... and on http with WTK emulator

    Any Ideas ? Mimetypes maybe ?
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