can someone help? the tutorial resources in the net dont say much about sms programming on series 60.

currently trying to read sms text token by token but it give an ETEXT 12 error

//_LIT(KRouteEnable, "#cmd diverton");
////_LIT(KRouteEnable, "gdsm");
if ((smsMtm->Body().Read(0,13).Compare(KRouteEnable)==0) && smsMtm->Body().Read(14,4).Compare(KGDSMSTag)==0) // message is targeted to us
iEikonEnv->InfoWinL(_L("Message"),_L("Msg is for us"));

// Now we process the message
iEikonEnv->InfoMsg(smsMtm->Body().Read(0,13)); // this will flash our message text in the upper right corner of the screen


thank for your help