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    6600 - Application error on exit


    I have been experiencing a problem with 6600.

    When any Java application is exited on 6600 with S/w V4.09.1, it throws Application error. Whereas the same application works perfectly fine on S/w V3.42.1.

    I have read the doc on Known issues with 6600 V1.3 but there isn't mention of this problem.

    Many people in the forum mention & also the above doc, about closing all threads beforing notifying destroyApp but this doesn't seem to solve the problem.

    Also & very very strange is that some old applications we had developed do not have this problem and this occurs with our new applications.

    You may wonder that there is difference in the way I handle this in the old & new apps but its the same code in both.

    Anyone has experienced this problem and has resolved this issue?

    Thanks in advance

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    C'mon, someone must have an idea.

    I have a problem that I keep getting a 'Memory Full' error message when exiting my game.

    I've tried it on a 6600 with s/w version 3.42.1 and it's completely fine (never had this problem on any other phone either), so I'm guessing that the publishers phone is 4.09.1.

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