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    Bluetooth MIDlet on 6600 ...

    I've written a simple MIDlet that connects two Nokia 6600's as per the "Games over Bluetooth:Recommendations to Game Developers" PDF.

    Occasionally one of the phones will fail to connect to the other, throwing a Symbian -34 exception (Failed to connect), I guess this is just "something that happens" now and then due to whatever external circumstances so I catch this exception and gracefully exit my code (clean up resources and exit the Thread's run method).

    At this point I close down the app on both phones and only restart the phone that threw the exception. If I then attempt to find my game service again (master) it still finds it, even when the other app is closed. It's almost as if one of the phones still holds a "phantom" service that can only be cleared by powering off.

    Has anyone else experienced any oddities using Bluetooth thru Java on this device, this doesn't appear to be an issue with the 6230. Any help / similar cases would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanx in advance,

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    Could you send me a copy of the MIDlet you wrote for reference? Cuz I'm also developing game applications on mobile phones via Bluetooth but its for the phone for Nokia 7610.

    I can be reached at sylin@singnet.com.sg or S8242232C@ntu.edu.sg.

    Really appreciate it...

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    yes send the code snippet ome as well at badapple@netnitco.net

    I may spot something you missed..

    Has anyone at Nokia told you what the error coe means yet?

    I have a symbianOS rpgramming guide that I canuse to look up the error coce number and what it may mean..

    are both phones the same firmware versions?

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