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    [moved] Is it possible to convert .jar/.jad into .sis


    Do you think it is possible to convert .jar/.jad file into .sis? If yes, could you tell me how? Thanks alot for your help.

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    I think it is really impossible. Jave byte code to the arm asm sounds really crazy.

    Bye STeN

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    actually it is kind of possible. But not "convert" but pack these files to .sis...
    What you have to do is write a .pkg file when you specify these to files and location when they should be put; then call makesis -v yourjavaapp.pkg and the final sis file should be possible to install on the real device...
    I've never tried it, but there is no logical obstacle why it should not be possible.

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    Re: Is it possible to convert .jar/.jad into .sis

    Sorry to revive this old post - but needed some help.

    I unpacked my java (jar) file and found the following structure :
    |____ hello
    |........|_____ HelloMidlet.class
    |____ META-INF
    |........|_____ MANIFEST.MF

    When creating the pkg file, what should be the location of the .class file and the .mf on the phone?


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    Re: Is it possible to convert .jar/.jad into .sis

    You cannot pack a java app's components in a SIS file, the SIS installer would not know what to do with them. Instead you can put the jar & jad files in a SIS and add an exe which will be run at the end of SIS file's installation and perform the installation of the Java app.

    Well, you better have a good reason for this extra effort. If you do, see Installing Java apps and WRT widgets using sis files
    -- Lucian

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