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    Emulating/creating MMS


    I want to emulate the receiving of MMS in a lab. I have both the Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 4.0 and the J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.0 at my disposal. As long as the finished product appears like an MMS, that would be enough. I have tried creating an MMS with the NMIT but it seems quite tricky.

    For the simulation, I am grabbing a table of information that I want to transmit as MMS, similar to what I am trying to do as part of a J2ME application. This creates quite a large file so if anybody has a better way of creating a table of information to send as MMS, will you please reply? I want to compare the two as methods of transmitting information so it doesn't have to be technically correct but it does have to appear as an MMS would.

    On that note, any ideas on emulating the receiving/sending of SMS?

    Thanks a lot.


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    Have a look to our latest Content Authoring SDK's. You can emulate MMS/SMS receiving and sending with it. Also you can run your J2ME applications in the same emulator.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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