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    3410 emulator connect to internet??

    sorry I think my question is too simple so I cant find an answer in the forum.

    My emulator works but I don't seem to be able to connect to wap sites or download java apps with it.

    Neither public sites or my own server (which works with the real phone)

    There doesn't seem much to configure here, I have selected direct connect for http and the internet connect works for everything else. The pc is on a network with a gateway via a ADSL modem router the emulator cannot connect to the internet or local network.

    Thank you for helping a newbie

    SORRY just found out about the WAP gateway simulator but maybe this post will help someone else out, only embarked on this path this evening and not helped by Nokia's sucky websites (useabilty anyone???)

    One last point of contention though the WAP gateway simulator allowed me out on the web but didn't like my own server. I made five or six attempts to connect, each time the phone returned 'no response' the only evidence in my Apache access_log was a single 304 response to the emulator.

    I use my own server with a real 3410 for WML and downloading Java apps all the time with no probs. and the mime types are configured. Anbody know what gives?????

    Maybe I need a 'local Apache on that server you run under your desk (mainly for p2p though) simulator'
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