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    J2ME Polish Version 1.0 RC6

    Hi everyone,

    J2ME Polish 1.0 RC6 has just been released on http://www.j2mepolish.org today.

    J2ME Polish is a suite of tools, of which everyone meets a definite need of a J2ME developer.

    Features include:

    * Automatic compiling, preverification, JAD-creation, obfuscation and packaging of J2ME applications.

    * With the powerful preprocessing capabilities and the integrated device database device-optimizations have never been easier!

    * J2ME Polish has an optional GUI, which is much more powerful than the MIDP-standard, but which is compatible to the MIDP-standard.
    The GUI works on MIDP/1.0 and MIDP/2.0 devices and allows the usage of MIDP/2.0 features like the POPUP ChoiceGroup on MIDP/1.0 devices as well.
    The GUI is designed with simple CSS-textfiles:
    	background-color: yellow; 
    	border-color: red;
    	font-color: green;
    	font-style: bold;
    	font-face: proportional;
    	layout: center;
    * Game Engine: Use the MIDP/2.0 game API on MIDP/1.0 devices as well.

    * View your System.out.println()-messages on real devices with the logging framework.
    When the logging is disabled, absolutely no traces will be left in the application.
    //#debug info
    System.out.println("application initialised");
    You can download J2ME Polish at http://www.j2mepolish.org

    View all included devices at

    J2ME Polish is published under the Open Source license GPL, commercial licenses are also available.


    Major improvements in the 1.0 RC6 release are:

    * Major update of the documentation, i.e. learn how to extend J2ME Polish or read "gentle" introduction to J2ME Polish.

    * The game-engine has been optimized and bug-fixed.

    * Jar- and Jad-Attributes can now be filtered and sorted.

    * Several obfuscators can now be combined.

    * J2ME Polish can now be used with WTK's earlier than version 2.1 as well (again)


    This will be the last release before the final version 1.0 is released.
    Please let me know of any bugs you encounter and what features
    you would like to have in the future!


    Thanks for your feedback and best regards,

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    The RC6 release had a grave bug under windows: it created invalid JAR files.

    Please upgrade to the current RC7 release if you develop under Windows.

    Thanks and best regards,

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