I am a student developing a Java application now.
In my MIDLet, I want to open an url.

Basically the code is like this:
StreamConnection c = null;
InputStream s = null;
StringBuffer b = new StringBuffer();
TextBox t = null;
try {
c = (StreamConnection)Connector.open(url);

s = c.openInputStream();
int ch;
while((ch = s.read()) != -1) {
b.append((char) ch);

} finally {
if(s != null) {
if(c != null) {
// display the contents of the file in a text box.

The url is "".

I built the run the program on the emulator, it works fine. But it doesn't work on my Nokia 7650 The screen shows no progress at all, it seems cannot get the connection.

I don't know what happened. My phone supports GPRS. And if I type this url and select 'goto', the phone is able to view the browser.

Thanks a lot.