Hi there, well i've started to deal a little with J2ME, and because I did not want to start with

difficult game programming I thought i should start with some easier stuff and so I'll make a

simple Calculator with rational numbers. ( dont know what "Bruchrechnung" means in english "

Nevertheless I can not handle the project. I've got already some Java knowledge but my big problem

is the gui-programming:

I want it to look und work like in the following picture:
1) at the top a StringItem, at the bottom to the left a StringItem which can only display "+" ,

"-" , "/" , "*" to the right from that a TextField .
the programm starts and the Textfield is active. The numbers can be entered by number-buttons and

the "/" shall be appended by #-button

2) After pressing *-button Textfield shall be deleted, the rational number is displayed in top

StringItem, in the left StringItem a "+" is displayed ( multiple pressing of *-button leads to


TextField is again active and ready to be filled with another rational number like in 1)

3) again pressing of the *-Button leads to wished operation and result is displayed in above

StringItem, now it goes on with step 2...

thats the plan so far. Actually very similar to integrated nokia calculator

now the problems:
-How am I able to make such a beautiful TextField as in integrated Nokia-Calculator, or as in

Converter II ( i've got nokia 6220 ). If I try a standard TextField it looks nice in J2ME standard

emulator but in nokia emulator theres just displayed "[...]" and you have first to klick on that

before you may enter some stuff. that sucks. So how do i make "real" "live" TextFields ?
-How am I able to put 2 Items next to each other ? Is that posssible ?
-How am i able to append that "/" in the TextField. If I constrain it as "ANY" the user may put

letters in it, that sucks, if I constrain it als "DECIMAL" I can insert numbers but still no "/"
-How do I control which button is pressed actually ( especially #-button and *-button ) Is there

any Information Page available ?

Well it would be really nice if someone can help me with a problem. Big sorry for my bad english,

too it's not my native language

Greetz David