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    DNS Error with IP adress and HTTP client

    Hello. I am developping an application using GPRS on Nokia 6600, with SDK 2.0
    I use http.lib and only GET requests

    I managed to get ethernet plugin working after replacing my ethernet card (i got error -44 -hardware problem- before!).

    When I try to connect directly to an ip, ex: (google france)
    everything works in emulator. The example from forum nokia (http example) and the example from the SDK work as well.

    When I use "Services" on the phone, I manage to connect.
    But when I run the examples on the phone, I get DNS error
    Pretty strange to get a DNS error entering an IP (
    I wonder if the HTTP Client lib doesn't try to make a resolve host request with an IP which would I think make a DNS error.

    Does anybody had this issue? Does anybody had it resolved?


    Strangely, it works well with Nokia 7610! And I checked once again parameter were the same...
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