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    i am getting an error Unable to load Midlet and java.lanag.null pointer exception

    Plz somebody help me out. I am getting an error on starting the game on my emulator. And the emulator i am using is S40 6230 . But when i try to run my game it gives an error
    On the compiler screen:
    Unable to create Midlet

    On the emulator :
    Cannot Start the Midlet Class

    This error occured when i bundled the images with my jar file and it raised my jar file size to 90kb as my game is really heavy. i tried the following tricks:
    1) i removed the unneccesary images fom the jar and minimized the size upto 79Kb.
    2) i made a new project.
    3) i created the jar and jad again.
    4) i also tried the trick

    if(myImage != null)
    //g.drawImage(myImage, .....);

    Plz some body sort this out and mail me at createlatif@hotmail.com

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    try using the obfuscator to reduce the jar size..also check if u have given the correct path for the images and pics that u r using..j2me doesnt support any other image format except .png.make sure the images are in the jar..
    hope this helps..ciao

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    Which development environment r u using ...

    If it is SunOne Studio .. there r 2 obfuscator availabe .. and they r so powerful that they reduce the size by considerable amount ..

    Also when giving path for images .. check the relative path ....

    also .. the mimages as mayank said shud be in jar file ..
    I dont think there can be any other error ...

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