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Thread: LOGO Format

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    LOGO Format

    i have some difficulty in settings in MCC and MNC
    MCC = 91(decomal)
    MNC = 98(decimal)

    please tell me is it correct or not ?
    please tell me after conversion which one is correct...
    91 will be converted to
    a) 005b (In little-endian)(9b is hex of 91)
    b) 00b5
    c) 0901 (I m confused here as i am thinking convert 9 first then 1 )
    d) 9010 (as in little endiaan we exchanges positions of both bits )


    98 will be converted to
    a)62 (62 is hex of 98)
    b)26 (in little endian)

    As i am confused with little-endian definition also so tell me answer after conversion into little endian
    or send me any example telling the MCC and MNC in decimal i will understand it ...................

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    RE: LOGO Format


    Please check the following URL:

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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