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    FileDialog and File Access on Nokia 6230


    I'm programming an application for the Nokia 6230. Therefore I need a filechooser dialog and a way to open a file from the MMC.

    Who can help me?

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    hi kieselwurz,

    I dont think there is any nice-n-clean way(standard API's) to read a file from the MMC card through java (in j2me). But i believe there should be some back door entry... do post the same if you come to know of
    File I/O is present in JSR-75 and Nokia 6230 doesnt seem to support it. So we need to wait till Nokia comes out with upgrading their phone to include JSR-75
    neways keep posted if you come to know of any soultion.


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    the same can be done easily using Symbian C++...there are classes and api available for the same..with j2me it aint possible as yet..JSR-75 is yet to be implemented ..once that is done then u can do it with javaphone API's

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    As mayank rightly said ...

    J2ME is still toothless as far as low loevel control of the phone is concerned ..

    Then u have to go for Symbian C++.

    ANyways .. lots of work is going on in j2ME and lots of JSR's are coming up ...

    Though JSR-75 talks about it .. there r 2 issue about it ,...

    1. When will the implementation be available ..
    2. How many phones will support it ...

    hoping for more info for the same ..

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