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    Cannot use textField after delete and insert in Form

    I have a form that initially display a textField and a StringItem. The Form has the following commands: OK, EXIT, Send and PIN.
    The EXIT command is always present, but of the others, initially only the OK command is available.
    Then the user enters a PIN in the textField and select OK.
    The commandAction for OK will then remove the OK command and add the Send and PIN commands. It also remove the textField from the display with the form's delete function.

    Now, if the user selects the PIN option, the PIN and Send commands are removed and teh OK command is added and the textField is inserted on the From again with the insert command.

    This all works fine, except that the textField is unresponsive after it has been added back on the Form. (i.e. when the user select PIN)

    Why would this be and what do I need to do to get it to respond to input again?


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    i hope u havent forgotten to do this.add(textfield); and setten the commandaction() accordingly..??
    please paste the code u r using so i can point out the exact error u r making.

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