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    Added command button automatically

    Good day!!

    I am using Nokia 6600(MIDP2.0, WMA, CLDC1.0)to develop a MIDlet for sending SMS. I have using the push feature for sms in my MIDlet. Well, when user selected "exit" button, the MIDlet will go through the destroyApp() and close the message connection properly, else the MIDlet will cause error after closing and need to restart the mobile phone for next time MIDlet execution.

    To avoid the user simply closing the MIDlet, only the first page have "exit" buttom, and other page will need to select "back" until the first page to quit the MIDlet.

    The problem now is, Nokia 6600 seem will add the extra "close" button to everypage in the MIDlet, and it close without go through the destroyApp(), and so cause my MIDlet close inproperly. So, is there any method can AVOID this adding "close" button automatically??

    I appreciate every help and opinion. Thanks

    Warm Regards

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    The only way if you use FullCanvas.

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