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    Compatibility question

    I’ve been testing my game on a Nokia 7210 does this mean that my game will work on all Nokia series 40 phones that has 128x128 screen and supports the Nokia UI? Basically, I don’t have access to all series 40 phones to test my game.

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    I guess nobody test his game on "all" S40 phone. If it runs correctly on any S40 phone that mean it will certainly run on others, at least most of us trust in this.
    Note there may be some difference in S40 devices, as I know old devices doesn't support jpeg files, and of course there are different kind of S40: 128x128, 128x160, MIDP 2.0

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    When Cellmania tested my game, they found it worked OK on the 6800, but not on the 3200 - it would freeze under certain circumstances on the 3200.

    Not having a 3200 to test on, I was never able to find out for sure what the difference was, but I think it was an error that I had made in thread synchronization that seemed to be tolerated by most series 40 phones, but not the 3200. I fixed up that code and Cellmania passed it for "all" series 40 phones. (I don't know how many models they actually tested on.)

    Alan Walker

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