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    Phone resets!?!?

    I'm testing my application on two series40 phones:
    3510i and 7250i.

    Sometimes when playing the game the phone suddendly resets.
    For "Reset" I mean: the screen gets blank with no backlight and
    no images on it. Then after a few seconds the phone gets back to
    default operation screen (you know... your background, battery
    state, operator name, and so on...).

    It happens randomly when playing... I'm not updating RMS while

    I tried a couple of games on 7250i in order to check if some other
    game experiences a similar problem. I discovered MyPet2 has the
    same problem.

    Does anybody experienced such a problem?
    Possible causes?
    Possible solutions?

    The same game with a different build perfecly works on non-nokia
    phones, so I suppose it could be a Nokia bug.

    I have only one thread running. Several classes but only
    one thread. The game use a lot of resources, sometimes there are
    just 400/500 bytes left of heap space in 7250i.
    In my inner loop I use repaint() followed by servicerepaints(),
    my game has a maximum-fps value set to 20fps.
    If rendering is faster I force the thread to wait.
    I use wait() instead of sleep(), but while 3510i actually calls
    wait(), 7250i is not enough fast to run my game at 20fps.

    Please help me!!!!!

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    If somebody is interested in this "bug" I found the solution.

    I discovered the game becomes stable by modifying
    the while loop condition inside run().

    Instead of using:

    while( CurrentThread == MyGameThread )

    I use:

    while( true )

    This should be something about S40 phones, since old
    loop condition perfectly works on MIDP 2.0 version of the game
    running on non-nokia phones.

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