I'm having trouble sending an operator logo via SMS. I have tried to use examples listed in the forums here with no luck either

I can get ringtones to send to other mobiles with no problems. When I try to send a logo, it sends properly but the incoming phone shows nothing but it then fails to receive any more messages (regardless of whether it is an SMS, ringtone or logo) for an average of four hours after sending.

The image I'm trying to send is:

The MCC is 505 (05F5) and the MNC is 02 (20)

The SMSs are:
//SCKL15820000010401 3005F5200A00480E0147494638396148000E00910000000000FFFFFFFFFFFF00000021F90401000002002C0000000048000E00000287940D70CBCDD9

//SCKL15820000010402 1274472A24E9BBAAEB882C9C70392589561FA69E6B4A6631FC80F507B9B0658BA97C9B754ABA4D1165711D279E5E6E165A4D4CD320351A7C4E8F3E0D

//SCKL15820000010403 9766AB564E4D961487C69555B1ADEC0BB61AA1A2A1F2C59692E1F50877E8B516B68735D7577727D6F7A574E7F552446605C788A6C81249C463A6C704

//SCKL15820000010404 049974E967D7465100003B

I have also tried to send it via the userdataheader and userdata (in 8 bit data mode) but that only came to the phone as 4 SMS with a message saying the data can't be shown (paraphrasing the message from memory)

Any help will be greatly appreciated