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    problem to send a service loading message push for 8310


    I'm implementing push wap 1.2 over nokia 8310 ant 6310.
    I have problems with loading service (SL).
    I sent a SL message but the 8310 and 6310 don't react.

    A structure if sms for push message is : WDP |WSP |WBXML
    This a push message SL that i sent for 8310 and 6310 :

    I sent message via GSM/SMS over 2948 port in connectionless mode.
    This is the binary encoding message.

    1)Why it's not run for 8310 and 6310 this message?
    Have I forgotten WSP headers?This binarny message is ok?
    What exactly the structure of SL message. Can you give me
    the WSP headers with their respective value ,please.
    2)Can you give me a specifications of structure in order to understand.
    3) Can you give me a example in binary represented a SL message, please.
    4)I sent a CO message. I have trouble to understand what the mobile 8310 or 6310 have to run.
    When I sent a CO message, the phone says "Parametres services recus" translated "Received Services Parameters".
    It's normal?
    If I select "Options" menu, an other "menu" display and ask me to record this message, or display or erase.
    If I select "record", I see wap parameters...????

    It's normal?
    This is a CO message that I sent.
    <invalidate-service uri="http://wap.wapfr.net"></invalidate-service>

    This is a binary encoding CO message :

    This encoding is ok?Can you checking please it's good and can you give informations about CO message structure,please.
    Thanks for your help.

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    RE: problem to send a service loading message push for 8310

    Nokia 8310 doesn't support Service Loading (SL). Service Loading supported terminals are 3590 and 6590.
    Forum Nokia Developer Support, Mirja

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