I'm working on photo exchange program between two mobile device
I tried the following connection URL for bluetooth server:
String connectionURL = "btspp://localhost:10010101";

On client side I tried following UUID for service search:
UUID[] uuidList = new UUID[1];
uuidList[0] = new UUID("10010101", false);
agent.searchServices(null, uuidList, device, this);

It works fine in nokia emulator. But when I try to run it on Nokia 6600, I got "Service Not Found" Error.

I just used UUID specified in BlueChat program developed by BenHui(www.benhui.net). The UUID specified in Chat Program is "102030405060708090A0B0C0D0E0F010"
My program works fine with BenHui UUID.

My question is how do I get unique UUID for my application. Where do I register my UUID. Is there any windows based tool to generate UUID.

How do I prevent somebody steals my UUID and use it for different service.

Can device allow two different service with same UUID.

I want to host my server application on several device with same UUID with unique service attribute (say some terminal Id). Is it possible for client application to locate the server with UUID and unique service attribute?

Bluetooth experts please answer this question to help our bluetooth comunity to grow...

Thanks for your help.