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    Push Registry Problem..SMS Demo

    I'm trying to test SMSDemo from wireless toolkit2.0 on Nokia 6600. I got the following error message:
    "Installation denied by Java Server"
    I were able to intall the app on my device after removing push registry and permissions.

    Do I need to sign the midlet in order to use push registry...

    How do I sign Midlet?

    Regarding SMS how do I avoid send messages to default inbox. I have specified port 50000 for both SMS Sender & Receiver. Is port 50000 is default port for Nokia 6600. But message went to default Inbox..

    Can I use the push registry without singing the Midlets? Is it mandatory requirement to sign the Midlet in order to use push registry feature..

    Please help me on Push registry...

    Please guide me on this...as it is useful for our java communitity...

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    Any idea?

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    Re: Push Registry Problem..SMS Demo

    The Nokia developer docs have this gem well hidden in them:



    When trying to install a signed MIDlet to the Nokia 9300 or the Nokia
    9500 Communicator, the following error is displayed:

    "Application installation denied by Java server."


    The trick to installing a signed MIDlet in the Nokia 9300 or the Nokia
    9500 Communicator is that you need to have the device switched on. In
    other words, the "mobile device" side must be switched on and a SIM card
    must be inserted. The installation process accesses the SIM card, and
    this cannot be completed without the device side on.

    Turn the "CMT" side on.

    Vik :v)

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