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    DefaultProfileL problem

    I am relatively new to SIP programming and I am trying with the very basics of SIP programming. I had written this small segment of code..

    iSip = CSIP::NewL(iUid, *this);

    iProfileRegistry = CSIPProfileRegistry::NewL(*iSip, *this);

    iProfile = iProfileRegistry->DefaultProfileL();

    TInt status = iProfileRegistry->EnableL(*iProfile, *this);

    if (status == KErrNone)
    iConnection = iProfileRegistry->ConnectionL(*iProfile);

    iSIPInviteDialogAssoc = CreateSIPInviteDialogAssoc();

    iSIPClientTransaction = iSIPInviteDialogAssoc->SendInviteL();
    else //KErrPending
    // wait for the profile to be registered before using it further

    now my problen is that when i execute the code, TInt Status is always not equal to KErrNone. I don't know as to how and where should I change the profile to get this working.
    If anyone had an idea as to how I cam make this segment work, I'll be greatly thankful for his help.
    Thanks and Regards.

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    Default profile


    Why don't you try to use youe own profile, just create a new one , get it's ID and use it

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