How am I ever meant to use my Nokia as a serious business tool, if a huge amount of my meetings and appointments cannot be sync'd across from Outlook?

What use is my phone if only half or so of my appointments are on it?

I'm refering of course to the ridiculous situation where Nokia PC Suite/PC Sync, and/or my 6230, cannot handle repeating entries with a 'logical' repeat like "happens the last saturday in each month".

This is stupid - I thought this would have been sorted ages ago, from when I first noticed it way back with an old 6210 or similar, but it seems not.

Come on Nokia - how can I use YOU as my handset provider instead of my Windows Smartphone or my XDA2, if you simply drop half of my appointments or regular meetings when sync'ing, simply because you can't resolve this after all this time, when these devices (and it's worth saying other handset manufacturer devices NOT using Windows Mobile, such as S.E. etc) DO sync properly?

Answers on a postcard please...