I experimented to send M-Notification.ind over SMS with Nokia 6610 connected to my computer.
I wrote a piece of code to set/combine user data header and user data, using Nokia_PC_Connectivity_SDK 3.0. But The recipient mms-enabled phone just recognised the message as an ordinary text sms message with strange characters.

The following() is how i set the sms user data header and basic sms parameters using nokia's connectivity SDK. (VB code)

'Basic sms params
With pIGSMSubmit
.DestinationAddress = "13096938912"
.ServiceCenterAddress = "+8613800290500"
.ValidityPeriodRelative = 167 '24 hours
.DataCodingScheme = 245 '0xF5 Indication msg
.ProtocolID = 0

End with

' user data header
Dim udh2(0 To 6) As Byte
udh2(0) = 6
udh2(1) = 5
udh2(2) = 4
udh2(3) = 11 '0x0B
udh2(4) = 132 '0x84
udh2(5) = 11
udh2(6) = 132
pIGSMSubmit.UserDataHeader = udh2

' user data
' pIGSMSubmit.UserData is a byte array,omitted here

I wonder whether you ever used Nokia's Connectivity SDK, but if the answer is "no" , would you mind
telling me how you get it work ? Thanks in advance!
Best regards,