The newer Symbian versions (2.0 and 2.1) apparently no more support the classes ApDataHandler, ApAccessPointItem, ApSelect and ApUtils. Now, these have been used in an earlier project, which I'm now trying to port to the newer Symbian versions (and from Series 60 to UIQ).

My problem lies in the fact, that these S60-based classes are extremely poorly documented. For example, I have no idea which fields/columns the methods ApAccessPointItem->SetNamesL and ->SetBearerTypeL access/modify.

Has anyone written a tutorial/information text about this? I'm mostly interested about the information about what these Ap-classes (ie. their methods) really modified/handled in the CCommsDataBase. Also it would be really great if there was some information about how to implement the said actions via the CCommsDbAccess, CCommsDbTableView and simliar classes (which appear to be the "correct" way to do it now).

Any help greatly appreciated!

/ Cir