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    Could I write AT command in Midlet

    I would like to read my sms in native inbox, but after I have a look on the forum, it's impossible for me. So now I have an idea, it's meant, I want to write AT command on my midlet, but I don't know how should I do. If you know could you help me?
    Teddy kim

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    AT command ???

    What r those .. ???
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    AT commands.

    AT commands are used to communicate with a GSM modem.

    If I understand correctly you want to access the sms messages in the telephone which is not possible in J2ME.

    To access SMS messages in a midlet you have to send the messages to a specific port on the mobile - which the midlet has registered a connection for (see the PUSH specification.)

    Sending a sms message to a specific port is easy via j2me, but sending it via a gsm modem is kind of tricky if you want to do it via AT commands. You'll have to study the GSM spec. and send the SMS in PDU format.

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