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    That's what we have:
    At the present we are the only ones in the world who know how to project and construct non-
    binary correcting codes coordinated with non-binary <multilevel> signals in data transmission channels. We have also
    created ways of program and/or apparatus realization of these codes. We possess patents for methods and devices
    that realize our algorithms and we continue successful working in this field. The problem of transmitting large volumes
    of information with high speed and reliability has been and will be the most actual in the field of information technologies,
    storage, transmission and reproduction of information.The application of our codes allows to make a break in
    constructing high-speed systems of data transmission. Our codes allow to work via modem with for several orders
    less number of errors and with a speed several times higher than advertised 56 K.
    We have solved a well-known problem of the "lastmile". The use of our codes is effective in systems of wireless
    connection,when signals are used with complicated kinds of modulation and this also gives a considerable
    prize in reduction of an error for several orders and the speed of transmission enlarges for several times. The field
    of our codes application is extremely broad - from digital systems of data transmission up to recognition of graphic
    A few words about the technical part of the matter:
    When we talk about <multilevel> signals, we mean that the number of different signals in a
    channel can be defined by ANY
    number: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,:, q. For a designer of systems of connection this gives an opportunity to
    construct signals with a modulation of one or several parameters and same time every parameter is not necessarily a
    prime number or a power of a prime number, which itself gives considerable advantages.
    In addition at the present for any codes developer algebraist except us this is a unsolvable
    mathematic problem, that is recognized by world-famous authorities in algebraic theory of coding, such as Peterson,
    Weldon, Berlekamp and others (see our site www.mnpq.com). This problem used to be considered unsolvable for
    about fifty years, but it has been solved by us successfully.
    Our codes are adapted for systems of data transmission with correction of errors in Hamming
    metrics and what is more important in Lee metrics, when mostly errors of small size -1,+1,-2,+2 etc are presented in a
    channel but there's a number of them and each has it's own frequency. Thus we construct correcting codes for symmetric,
    asymmetric and considerably asymmetric channels, for which we have constructed our metrics. This means that we
    have made a serious step in a problem of coordination of signal and code.
    Our codes have extremely simple realization in comparison with such famous codes like Reed-Solomon codes and
    they overcome them by their effectiveness because they correct errors in any of listed metrics, which is
    principally impossible for Reed-Solomon codes except Hamming metrics.

    What we want:
    We understand the significance of the problem in general and taking into account the volume and the cost of a complex
    of measures for realization of the whole project. We also reasonably estimate the economic effectiveness of the
    project and we choose a strategic partner (partners) for a joint realization of the whole project or it's separate

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    RE: codes


    So what you exactly want? Partners??

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