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    Bluelet - Rapid Bluetooth App Development (Free source)

    hi all,

    I am happy to delivery a good news for bluetooth developers who want to learn and simplify the coding of bluetooth applications. It is called Bluelet (natually combining Bluetooth-MIDlet) and it is available on my website at


    Bluelet is a Bluetooth and GUI component that does the common Bluetooth tasks for you, i.e. device discovery and service discovery. I found myself repeating these code alot, so I thought I can put them into a reusable library for all my Bluetooth application to use. And that seem to work out quite well, so I am sharing these with others. Using Bluelet, you can integrate your MIDlet into Bluelet and write a Bluetooth-enabled application in less than 100 lines of code. Check out the example at the link above. I think it is good for people for them to prototype something real quick. Also a good piece of code for newbies to learn discovery process or start playing with bluetooth app. And best of all, it is free (as usual)

    This code is still in beta stage, so I am expecting to improve it along with your feedback. Post to my Bluetooth forum for feedback/suggestions/bugs.


    In addition, I also updated the Code gallery section to include more Bluetooth example codes. And if you haven't try out our Bluetooth Browser 2.0, I invite you try it and upload some interesting devices to our online Bluetooth device database.

    Enjoy Bluetooth
    www.benhui.net - mobile dev portal - j2me - bluetooth - midp2 - mobile3D

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    Thanks Ben Hui

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    Very nice :-)

    Just one question … What devices have you tested the Bluelet on?


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    tested on Nokia 6600, P900 and WTK 2.2.


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    Re: Bluelet - Rapid Bluetooth App Development (Free source)

    Hi, is your API still available? I'm really having a hard time coding the setup steps of the jsr-82
    My simple website: http://thirdy.co.nr

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