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    Wap push on nokia 7610 - Service message received from an unkown service


    I am really stuck in a problem with wap push sending, and I would be extremely grateful if anybody could give me any advice.

    On the nokia 7610 my wap push is displayed with the following message: "Service message received from an unkown service".

    I have found in wap-235-pushota-20010425-a.pdf:

    6.2.4. Initiator Authentication
    Push initiator authentication by the PPG may be indicated to the terminal through the inclusion of the Authenticated flag and Initiator URI. That model of authentication is based on transitive trust established between the PI and the client. The PPG MUST positively authenticate the PI to use the Authenticated flag. When receiving the Authenticated flag, the client MAY determine if the push initiator is trusted by comparing its list of trusted initiator URIs with the authenticated Initiator URI in the push message.

    I encoded the following way my message (the WDP bytes are not included here)

    WSP data
    00060E Push ID = 0 / Push PDU / header length 14
    03AE81EA content type: application/vnd.wap.sic; charset=utf-8
    B481 Push-flag : 1, initiator URI is authenticated.
    B162616C696E7400 X-Wap-Initiator-URI : balint

    WBXML data

    What do I wrong, or what other field should I use to not have that annoying message?

    Thank you in advance,
    Balint Miklos

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    You should be on the list of trusted initiator URIs (so called white list) to avoid that message: "Service message received from an unkown service".

    Unfortunately I don't no how to get that list.


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