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    Visual Studio & Emulator problems


    I would be most grateful if someone could explain a few things to a rather confused newbie.

    I'm trying to create a website for a hostel that will allow guests to book a bed over the web with their mobile, as well as a PC etc.

    I'm using visual studio .net & want to test/debug with a phone as well as IE.

    What tools/SDKs do I need & how do I convince visual studio to send stuff to the phone while debugging instead of IE?

    I've downloaded the series 40 & 60 SDKs (60 is supposed to work with visual studio?). I've also downloaded NMIT, but since the rest of the site has already been done in visual studio, I'd like to use (some of) the same pages for the mobile - but I want to test it!

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Series 60 v2.0 works ok with Visual Studio 6.0, and might work also with Visual Studio .NET, but that's not sure as it's not (yet)supported.

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    If you want debug web-application then read MSDN Development with .NET.
    You can find all information whow to debug web-application.

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