I used SIP plugin 1.0 wrote a test appliction. REGISTER work's well, but every time i send a INVITE to myself application (like a test of loopback), i can see from the LOG of SIP server, that my application replay whit "SIP/2.0 400 Bad Request"!
(The same problem i had with the example of Warship.SIS)

I follow the example in "Series 60 SIP Plug-in User's Guide.pdf" for develop my class end i put a logger in every method "CSIPExample::IncomingResponse" and the only SIP message that I received (in application layer) is the message "SIP/2.0 408 Request Timeout".

Why my application don't receive the SIP message "SIP/2.0 100 Trying" or "INVITE" from the SIP Server but receive "SIP/2.0 408"?

How can i intercept the INVITE message? I must define an SDP Document?
Or is possible that i don't install correclty the SipAppCapabilities.xml?

I try to use this SipAppCapabilities.xml

<ACCEPT value="application/HelloWorldPlus"/>
<ACCEPT value=""/>

and also this:

<ACCEPT value="application/sdp"/>
<ACCEPT value=""/>
<LINE name="m" value="application 49154 udp HelloWorldPlus"/>

And the .pkg is:

; SIP:

"..\..\..\epoc32\release\thumb\urel\SipClientInstaller.exe"-"!:\system\Apps\HelloWorldPlus\SipClientInstaller.exe", FR, RI, RW

"..\..\..\epoc32\release\thumb\urel\SipClientUnInstaller.exe"-"!:\system\Apps\HelloWorldPlus\SipClientUnInstaller.exe", FR, RR, RW

Thank a lot for your suggestion.