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    Bitmaps Urgent


    *Please try to answer all the quesetions, I'm ramping up for a project and I need these questions answered before I can proceed!*

    I am writing a game and I need a 256K buffer is that reasonable? I plan to first compress a 512x512 .pcx bitmap into a small file about 5k in size and save it as a resource. Then, I plan to some how load the compressed bitmap into memory and uncompress it to a 512x512 buffer. Then I will do something like,
    screen_addr[i] = bitmap[i], Will this work? Is 256K buffer feasible, is the whole idea even feasible?

    The first 32bytes of the screen address is palette information. Do I need to change this to match my bitmaps? Or is it enough to generate rgb infomation? Also, i know that we only get 4bits of red, 4bits of green and 4bits of blue, so I have to limit my palette size when designing my bitmaps?

    Also, i'm getting a cellphone 3660, what else do I need to go with it to test my apps. I need a part number or something so I can give it to my boss. He needs to know where to purchase it from too.

    Are there any asm manuals that tells me how to write asm programs what registers you used for passing parameters, how do access direct video from asm, how to access classes, etc...

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    Hi Erica

    It would be easier if you would ask one or two question in one post, usually gets better answered that way.

    anyway you 512x512 12-bit images in fact are contructer in a way that first 4 bits are empty, then there is 4 bits per color, so infact they take 16-bit per pixel, so you 512x512 image takes about half meg of memory, anyway feasable I quess.

    3660 is good phone to test and you just tell your boss to buy the normal phone from the store. Notice that there are different OS version withinh Series 60. 7650, 3650 & 3660 are OS 6.1 phones that use SDK 1.X versions for development and 6600 & 7610 are OS 7.0s phones that use SDK 2.X versions for development. Anyway most of the programs written with 1.x SDK will also work in OS 7.0s phones.

    for asm done't really know any good answers.


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