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    Help ! Using SDK ?????

    In most cast, when we use a object in c++, After we input a object name and a dot, all of its pubilc operation and attribute will list. But when I use Nokia Series 60 SDK, and create a new object defined in Series 60 header file, such as CCoeControl, use the same operation on this object, its attribute and operation can not list.
    I'm new developer, could you tell me how to solve this problem?
    Thank you!
    xingliang.zhu zzzxxxlll@cmmail.com June 28,2002

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    RE: Help ! Using SDK ?????

    This features called IntelliSense. Microsoft help statement is "IntelliSense provides an array of options that put the MFC, ATL, and Win32 language references literally at your fingertips." It not promise anything about other languages, like EPOC.

    With advanced tools (like CodeWrite) it is easy to set up systems' header files you would like to include for symbol/browse info. Therefore If someone know how to set up the Studio intellisense correctly, please let me know... (It seems browse info (file) contain only type(CTRL-SPACE shortkey work) info, but not member info in some cases. The reason could be that objects defined in headers(as member of other objects) recognized(nice object oriented coding style follow this rule), but runtime objects(defined in cpp-files) not.)

    It works in this way after I set "Project/Settings.../Browse Info(tab)/ Build browse info checkbox" (it usually turned off to shorten the compile time), but as I said not with all of the objects. /There is 4 checkbox "Tools/Options.../Editor(tab) Statement completion options" should be in checked state, too. / "Rebuild All" will create a browse info file.

    Please notice,
    - In C++ static objects' methods reached differently than dynamic objects' methods. ("." vs "->")
    - IntelliSense not work in few cases mentioned in C++ help.(eg. if there is any syntax error before the line you edit.)

    Best Regards,
    (V) - Forum Nokia Developer Support

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