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    slow slow Series_60_MIDP_Concept_SDK_BETA_0_3_1 emmulator

    Ive got a new computer - specs below. Ive reinstalled the system from scratch - new WinXP installation, new IDE installation - everything.
    Now the emmulator runs slow as hell (much slower then on my old p4 1.2mhz 256meg). Ive tried the MIDP SDK 2.1, the emmulator runs great speedwise, but its written so badly its useless (no roundRect support, no transparancy support, and thats just noticable from 2 minutes of using).

    Im developing for the 6600, and since there is no specific emmulator ive been using the oddly named emmulator in the topic (Series_60_MIDP_Concept_SDK_BETA_0_3_1 emmulator).

    Since there is no complete tool installation guide, and Nokia's tools are named so miserably (sdk, developer's suite, sdk concept beta, concept sdk beta and so forth...) I have no way of finding a replacement tool...

    Can anyone help?
    Oh - and on a closing note - I cant wait for Siemens to take over the market. Nokia's developer's support is so poor, their emmulators are so buggy, its hell developing for them. As soon as any other company takes over the market im outta here.
    And I know im not the only one frustrated with Nokia's support. And no - I dont think I need to pay for developer support, since its MY work that sells those phones to the end user, yet Nokia doesnt pay ME anything.

    Please help me on this frustrating subject...


    P4 3.0mhz 1mb cache HT
    1 gig ddr400 mem

    SunONE Studio 4.1 ME|-J2SE 1.4.2
    |-JAVA ONE Studio 4 Update 1, Mobile Edition
    |-J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.0.01
    |-Nokia Developer's Suite for J2ME™, Version 2.0
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