Dear Forum Nokia User,

In my thesis research on ‘Co-Creation’, I am studying different approaches for an interactive collaboration between a company and online user groups.

I developed this questionnaire for all users of Forum Nokia, ranging from just readers of the message board to senior and expert developers of mobile applications. I want to better understand why and how you are using Forum Nokia. I am also very interested your perceived benefits as a user of Forum Nokia.

Results from this questionnaire will strengthen my developed conceptual model on user motivations and user satisfaction. This will form the input for recommendations regarding potential successful management approaches for developer platforms.

Similar questionnaires will be posted in message boards of other developer platforms.
Filling in this questionnaire will contribute to a general understanding of why and how people are active on developer platforms.
In the end, benefits could also be there for you acting on a developer platform that takes the elements into account for even more satisfaction and benefits for you as a user!

I kindly invite you to fill in the online questionnaire. This is the link:
The questionnaire consists of 15 multiple choice questions and you will need about 5 minutes to complete it.

Those who are interested in the motivations of fellow platform users can receive a summary of the results of this questionnaire. You can indicate this in the last question of the questionnaire.

With many thanks for your participation,

Maaike Spoor
Student at the Rijks Universiteit Groningen
Faculty of Technology Management