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    Problem with 1001status code in Nokia Activ Server 2.1

    I have installed Nokia Activ Server 2.1 on my computer (standalone intallaton), Nokia Activ Alert and Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 3.0. I have managed to send a MIME type push message to the Toolkit using Activ Alert's example Push Initiator but when I try to send the same push message using my own Push Initiator I get the 1001 status code with the description "Accepted for processing". When I look at the Server's logs there is no indication that the Server accepted the message and I can't see the message on the Toolkit. Could you please help me?

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    RE: Problem with 1001status code in Nokia Activ Server 2.1

    Hello Irene,

    there are several things which got to be checked:
    1. Configure (or check if configured) bearer for push:
    - check "Puch Functionality Allowed" box (bearer properties),
    - add valid prefixes (for example +358 - finland, 127 - fist octets from localhost ip-addresses - for push via UDP)
    (NACS Manager->Traffic Brokers-><your traffic broker>-->UDP bearer-->Push)

    2. Add network types for push
    - for UDP bearer (you're pushing to Toolkit, right?)
    Any Any IPv4
    Any Any IPv6
    (NACS Manager->Traffic Brokers-><your traffic broker>-->UDP bearer-->Network types)

    3. Check if push subsystem started and has
    user_filter=PassAllPolicy in server policy

    Add sample push initiator to Server Filter list:
    The name of sample PI is NokiaActivAlertPI
    Set PassAllPolicy for this PI
    (NACS Manager-->Push Subsystems--><your push subsystem>-->Server Filter)

    Push connector can be created and started on "Configuration" tab for Push Subsystem
    (NACS Manager-->Push Subsystems--><your push subsystem>-->Configuration)

    4. Use WAP Toolkit to receive Push messages:
    - start wap toolkit (enable Push message receiving in WAP toolkit!)
    - start sample Push Initiator: java -cp "lib/pgw.jar" etc etc etc... :) (check Activ Alert guide for complete launch command)

    5. Send push message with sample PI

    P.S. Remember please to mark Auto-activate checkbox in Toolkit's "Push" tab (Toolkit->Push tab->Auto-Activate)

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