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Thread: Server & Client

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    Server & Client

    how to develope software that keep sound(music) from server(use TCP/IP protocol) and play ? please help me. thank

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    there is a socket example for TCP/IP connection in SDK that could get youn started with the communication.

    Then see SDK docs for CMdaAudioOutputStream for how to play the incoming data.


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    You might want to think about developing a threading solution to this problem otherwise you will get clicks in the sound.

    As you want your audio stream to be running all the time

    You should try and develop a client server solution inside the phone.

    You could make a connection to the socket server in the client thread and receive the packets and the transfer them to your own server which is interfacing to the outputstream . You need to buffer some data for the latency and you should get constant sound.

    The server could run as a process or just a thread. In order to pass the packets to the server if your running as a process you will need to copy the data or if its running in a thread you could just pass a pointer to the buffer in the request parameters of the send and receive function

    Or you could bypass the server idea and do everything in your own threading . If you do DONT FORGET which thread called you etc otherwise you will get ownership problems with sessions etc,,



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