Hi, can someone show me how the default WAP APN can be retrieved from CommDB programmatically? I'm suppressing the APN selection dialog with the code fragment below:

CCommsDatabase* db = CCommsDatabase::NewL(EDatabaseTypeIAP);
db->SetGlobalSettingL( TPtrC(ASK_USER_BEFORE_DIAL), EFalse );

so default WAP APN is selected by the application when it tries to establish GPRS connection.

I cannot find where the IapId of default WAP APN is stored. 'Default WAP APN' is the one specified at Menu:Services->Options:Settings->Default access point. I want to retrieve some parameters of WAP gateway from WAP_IP_BEARER table by querying this iapId.

I'm using Nokia 3660 and Series60 C++ SDK for Symbian OS 6.1.

Thank you very much in advance,
- yoalat