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    KERN-EXEC 3 Problem...again

    Hi !

    I get this panic, when I start my Container and initialize many bitmaps. But this panic comes only in device, not in my epoc.
    So I guess, there's no NULL-pointer problem, or other ideas ?

    In which situations do I get this panic, too ? I could imagine, that theres a memory problem. Maybe I have to clear memory in one of my own classes and the
    memory of my handy-device is getting full anytime.

    Please help, you Nokia-Experts !!


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    it is most commonly caused by bad pointer. Which could be NULL or non-NULL with invalid value (i.e. pointing to a object that is not there really).

    For NULL pointers, you could check the pointer against NULL every time you use it, and the invalid pointers usually go away when you remember to set every pointer to NULL just after you have deleted them.

    Anyway last time I got this error was when I was using zero divider, so there could be other reasons for this error also to appear.


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