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    Problem with tabs

    I have created tabgroup dynamically like this:

    CEikStatusPane* sp = StatusPane();
    iNaviPane = (CAknNavigationControlContainer*)sp->ControlL(TUid::Uid(EEikStatusPaneUidNavi));

    iDecoratedTabGroup = iNaviPane->CreateTabGroupL();

    iNaviPane->PushL(static_cast<CAknNavigationDecorator &>(*iDecoratedTabGroup));

    iTabGroup = static_cast<CAknTabGroup*> (iDecoratedTabGroup->DecoratedControl());

    // Load settings
    TInt nro = LoadSettings();

    TBuf16<8> tgt;

    for (TInt i=0; i<(nro); i++)
    iTabGroup->AddTabL( i, tgt);

    That code makes n tabs.
    I need listbox to every tab. Have anyone idea how can I do this?

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    do you really need separate listbox, or can you do iut by switching the arrays when you change the active tab in your offer key.

    Anyway in case you really need then you just activate the tab and call DrawNow(), which after the system will ask you containers count of controls, just return one and then when the system ask pointer to the control, just select the right listbox accordingly. should basically only draw the active one then.

    Of course then you also need to remember to forward the keys to the right listbox in you offer key function.


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